press releases / 2020 / MELROSE DOES NOT CONTAIN BACON


02 March 2020

Lactalis South Africa, producer of the popular Melrose range, has enjoyed a long and respectful relationship with South African Muslim consumers and respects the MJC's guidelines.

The bacon-flavoured Melrose product in question has a smoky flavour and includes texturised vegetable protein that does not contain any bacon. Out of respect for Muslim preferences and guidelines the company however does not use the Halaal logo on its bacon-flavoured products.

The oversight was the result of human error and Lactalis South Africa sincerely regrets the incorrect usage of the MJC logo. Lactalis South Africa apologises for this oversight.

Lactalis South Africa has already corrected this mistake on all new packaging and no new bacon-flavoured products will erroneously be manufactured with the Halaal logo. Lactalis South Africa will also endeavour to remove the wrongly labeled products from shelves where possible.

Lactalis South Africa is a multinational company and prides itself on adhering to multicultural food and other guidelines. Products with the Halaal logo allow those wanting to honour the regulations of their religion to do so.

View the MJC certificate for Melrose and other Lactalis South Africa cheeses at on the CERTIFICATES section.